Why does Holibob exist?

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Reflecting on Our Purpose and Journey at Holibob

In our all-team calls, we often pause to ponder critical questions: Why does Holibob exist? What unique value are we contributing to the world? While our strategies have evolved over time, our core motivation and overarching vision have steadfastly remained the same. We are on a mission to help people discover and book unforgettable activities, catering to diverse preferences and needs, regardless of location, company, or timing. Concurrently, we strive to empower various players in the travel sector—be it brands, operators, destinations, or creators—enabling them to effortlessly sell these experiences and scale their ventures.

Our Founding Story: From Ski Trips to Holibob

Prior to establishing Holibob, Angus Hardy and I ventured into the world of ski travel, aspiring to offer something beyond the typical university ski trip. We prioritized quality travel, reducing a grueling 30-hour bus journey to a mere 3-hour flight, and provided superior accommodation, opting for chalets over apartments. The overwhelming demand for our curated ski holidays exceeded our expectations, underscoring a clear desire among people for access to remarkable experiences, which they were more than willing to invest in.

Buoyed by this realization, we embarked on a new endeavor, 100HourHolidays, with a vision to curate experience-rich long weekends, complete with convenient transportation, exquisite accommodation, and a plethora of unforgettable activities. Our goal was simple: to connect travelers with extraordinary experiences that would leave a lasting imprint on their memories.

Addressing the Challenges and Realizing the Vision

However, the journey was not without its challenges. The manual process of booking our 100HourHolidays packages revealed a significant gap—we were not truly simplifying the process for people to uncover these incredible experiences. This issue was not unique to us; the experiences industry is notably fragmented and predominantly offline, creating barriers for numerous brands and their engaged consumers in accessing the experiences they crave.

It's crucial to acknowledge that experiences are increasingly becoming the heartbeat of travel. Conversations about trips, be it with friends, colleagues, or in our personal reflections, often center around the experiences and activities undertaken at the destination. These moments are the catalysts for lasting memories.

Travel, at its core, is about enriching lives. This ethos is what propelled us to establish Holibob, aiming to dismantle the barriers to finding, booking, and enjoying extraordinary experiences.

Holibob Today: A Testament to Our Vision

Fast forward to today, Holibob has blossomed into a company of 70 employees, marking its 4th year in operation. While our business has transformed significantly since our initial forays into the travel industry, our foundational motivations—to encourage people to explore new horizons and create cherished memories—continue to anchor our endeavors.

In this journey, it's imperative to remember our 'why'—the driving force behind our actions and aspirations.

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