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Holibob Team
Greetings from our global team! We're a tight-knit community of travel-lovers, tech enthusiasts, creatives, and remote-first experts.
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flexible/remote work
We’re a remote-first organisation with a passionate team working remotely across 5 continents and over 15 countries. Our approach has always been to attract the best talent for every role, and give our employees the flexibility to get the most out of their time both at work and outside of it.
Full Team Offsites
Despite being remote-first, we love getting the team together for optional in-person office days every quarter. Giving everyone the chance to meet face to face to collaborate, and most importantly, enjoy some social time!
Access to Co-Working
Working at home full-time isn’t for everyone. We offer flexible office access in most major cities giving our team the option to work in an office environment if desired.
Flexible working hours
We care about your personal life and know everyone’s day-to-day is different. Whether it’s picking up the kids, or your simply an early riser, flexibility in office hours enables everyone to get the most from their day.
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our values
We ensure selling experiences is made easy with amazing talent like you collaborating and growing together.
We want to be a trusting and vulnerable team; we are not afraid to share our ideas. If you love the vulnerability that comes with travel experiences, you are likely a great fit for the inclusive team we cultivate.
We are only on this planet a finite amount of time, we want to enjoy being a part of our work environment.
We have an uncompromising drive to succeed and that ambition will shape the future of travel.
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What it is like to
work at Holibob
Holibob’s culture is built on the foundation of our values.

We have shaped a place people want to work, share ideas and are proud of working here.
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The Holibobers
We've put together a mini-series on our people, check out what life is like at Holibob.
Walking the walk in making Holibob
a great place to work.
Remote working, core hours, and a flexible holiday allowance.
Tools and discounts available via our free Employee Assistance Program, and team challenges to motivate one another.
Book club, pets club, home and garden club, more
coming, and YOU may add more!
Career development via individual plans with resources available such as mentoring, and study leave.
Recognition for loyalty and hitting anniversary milestones.
Share options scheme for employees, bonus scheme for commercial team, formal and informal recognition programs.
Holibob attracts talent from a diverse group of people and from all over the world.
Holibob Team
To that end, we are committed to diversity and hire a global team to attract the best talent for each role.

Most importantly, we need your voice and expertise with cross-functional teams to build the technology that delights each traveler and helps us all to realise our mission. Our approach is collaborative with lots of autonomy expected.

We also make decisions based on data. We actively grew the number of women in our team from 35% to 43% from 2022-2023 to diversify voices within the business.

We understood from team engagement surveys the importance of mental health among the team, so we increased access to a global, app-based free partner supporting with mental health care.

Using data and listening to the team helps us offer the kind of flexibility best-in-class talent expects, no matter what that may look like for each individual.
the way we do things
the way we do things
Our Hiring Process
Holibob aims to make the hiring and selection process a positive, authentic experience.

We know that some people are less likely to apply to jobs if they don'tmeet every single requirement.

We are most focused on finding the best combination of skills andambition, and less focused on just filling a spot on an org chart.

We are dedicated to a diverse, inclusive, and authentic environment, so if you’re excited about this role but you don't check all the boxes in the jobdescription, we encourage you to apply anyway. 

Note that almost all of our interviews are conducted virtually. If you are scheduled for an interview, please advise us of the pronouns you use, and any reasonable adjustments you may need during the interview process.